I thought it was still summer?!

What do you mean we've just launched our Christmas card collection for this year?! Isn't it still the summer? Mind you, we live in Manchester, so 'summer' didn't really arrive this year...

Let's face it, 2021 pretty much picked up from where 2020 left off, so you're forgiven for thinking that it can't possibly be time to talk about the 'C' word… Christmas. 

Over the past few weeks, we've been working hard on designing this year's selection of funny and topical Christmas cards. I did suggest we played my beloved festive playlist while doing this, but that idea was firmly shut down... no taste in this office, I tell ya.

Funny Chris Whitty mug
Brooklyn 99 Christmas card

This year we sold our first Christmas card of 2021 in September, so a huge round of applause to that very organised individual. If we bought stuff that far in advance, we're more likely to forget where we put it for 'safe keeping' by the time the season of stuffing came around and have to rush out on Christmas Eve to replace it. 

We'd love to hear what you think of our 2021 Christmas cards, and also whether you're brave enough to send this rude Christmas card to your nearest and dearest! 

This year, we're excited to launch our very first joint birthday and Christmas card – but don't blame us if that December birthday mate doesn't get you a present next time! 

So that's it, Christmas has arrived at the Prickly Cards office. We're definitely excited about having an excuse to eat cheese and crackers for our morning snack, and celebrate Santa by having an early fizzy wine on a random Tuesday. Now isn't that the true meaning of Christmas? 

Looking for some funny Christmas cards? Check out our brand new selection, here's a few to get your Christmas shopping started:

Merry Christmas in October! 🌵

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