Who said Christmas cards have to be boring?

As the clock struck midnight on 1st November, we quickly forgot all about the soggy pumpkins on the doorstep, poured ourselves an eggnog and donned a Santa hat… that’s right, it’s time to think about Christmas!

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Now, if you’re thinking, what?! It’s only the beginning of November, you need to be more like Pam in Gavin & Stacey – sending them now “gives people seven weeks to enjoy them.” We’re sold. 

One of the things that put people off sending Christmas cards is that there are a lot out there that are just plain boring. There, we said it… but not in our collection of funny Christmas cards. Here’s our rundown of the top Christmas cards to get this year for even the most miserable Grinches in your life… 

A Christmas card for your mum

Let’s face it, Christmas 2020 was crap. There was nothing to do but stay at home and hope you had a support bubble. But this year, we might just get to spend Christmas with our families again (no promises though – Boris J has made those promises before).

This Christmas 2021 card is bound to bring a smile to your mum’s face this year. 

Christmas 2021 card

Christmas cards for fans of The US Office 

One of our greatest (/only) achievements in last year’s lockdown was watching the entirety of The US Office in what we’re sure was close to a record time. If you know somebody who loves Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and the Dunder Mifflin squad, check out our US Office Christmas cards

The US Office Christmas card The US Office Christmas card 

Christmas cards for those who want to get laid 

If you’re looking for a Christmas card with more of a straight to the point message, we’ve got you covered. This rude Christmas card delivers a unique festive message, and this one promises its recipient a white Christmas…  

Christmas cards for fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Still mourning the end of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Us too. That’s why we’ve created a host of funny B99 Christmas cards – this way, it’s like the show hasn’t really ended. Yeah, we know we’re just kidding ourselves… 

Which is your favourite from our Brooklyn Nine-Nine Christmas card collection?

A few of our favourites: 

Captain Holt Christmas Card, Brooklyn Nine-Nine – This Truly is a Joyful Time It's Christmas 

I'm Ecstatic - Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Captain Holt Christmas Card 

It's Christmas – I Hate Christmas – Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Christmas Card

Brooklyn 99 Christmas card

Christmas card for theatre fans 

Good god, we love Hamilton at Prickly HQ. We're only weeks away from Spotify telling us that its soundtrack is our most-played album this year (again). 

We hope you love our Hamilton Christmas gifts and cards as much as we do. And if you haven't seen Hamilton and don't have a clue what we're talking about, do yourself a favour and watch it on Disney+. It'll change your life. 

Fun fact: This King George III Hamilton ‘Awesome Wow’ gift mug is set to be our best-selling mug of 2021. It would make the perfect stocking filler at Christmas. 

King George Hamilton gift mug

Christmas cards for those who think that UK politics has had another 'mare this year

Try as you might, chances are politics will be mentioned at the Christmas dinner table this year. What do the Tories have to do before people stop voting for them?! I don’t know, but I hope one day we find out. 

We have a selection of politically-charged Christmas cards, highlights include this Jeremy Corbyn Christmas card, this popular ‘For the Merry Not the Few’ Corbyn gift mug, this silly ‘vote for independence’ Nicola Sturgeon Christmas card and finally this Boris Johnson Christmas card that frankly, makes me throw up a bit in my mouth. 

Jeremy Corbyn gift mug

See, Christmas cards definitely DON’T have to be boring – and we all need a laugh after these past 18 months, don’t we? 

So, a big shout out to all the Pams out there who have already written and posted their Christmas cards, but if you’re not quite as organised as our lovely Pam, don’t worry, we have a great selection of funny Christmas cards for you to send your friends and family. 

We also have the option for you to add your message to inside the card and we will send it directly to the recipient, so you don't even have to leave your chair to post it – winner! 

- Katy 

@ Team Prickly 🌵

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