Why is Squid Game so popular?

Korean dystopian series Squid Game has taken over the internet and is now officially Netflix’s biggest original series of all time – but why is it so popular?!

Unless you’re one of those bores who loves to say ‘actually, I don’t have a television’ (yawn), chances are that you’ve heard of Squid Game. The Korean dystopian TV series has taken over the internet, nay, the world and is currently the most watched show on Netflix – in 90 countries! Wow. 

It is also now officially the most-watched non-English show globally and Netflix’s biggest original series of all time. But a question that’s been asked more than once this week in the Prickly office is ‘why is it so popular?’ 

Squid Game card

Squid Game – what's it all about? 

The premise for the show is pretty simple: a group of 456 people play some survival-style games and they have a chance to win billions of Korean won if they win a series of six games. But that’s a condition, and a pretty big one at that – if they lose, they die. Told you it was dystopian! 

The series follows Seong Gi-Hun, played by Lee Jung-jae, as he participates in these games. Viewers know that only one person can win the prize, meaning all the other contestants will die.

What does 'Squid Game' mean? 

The popular series takes its name for a Korean children’s game, where the attacking team tries to get through the middle of the squid shape drawn on the ground. The overall goal is to tap the squid’s head with their foot to win; however, if you are pushed out by the defending team, you are eliminated. Squid Game the TV show though takes that ‘elimination to the ultimate level. 

Ok, but why is it so popular? 

We all wish we could still play children’s games, don’t we? Who didn’t love a time when the biggest decision you had to make in a day was to play either Bulldog or Kiss Chase?! Granted, the consequences of those primary school games weren’t as dire as Squid Game… 

The show’s characters are quite relatable – all of them are in dire consequences and are desperate to earn money so they can pay off their debt. The show also looks good. I mean, if you brush the horrific deaths under the carpet, it’s a very entertaining experience.

Now, let’s get down to business: which primary school game would you absolutely smash if you were in Squid Game

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